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Books for Positive Change

Tools for positive change by top trainers Phil Callaghan and Susanna Bellini

NLP Practitioner Training

Add powerful NLP changework tools to your existing skill-set

NLP Practitioner Course

Learn NLP with specialised coaching frameworks to become a capable and flexible coach

NLP Practitioner Skills

Explore the self-development potential of NLP and become even more resourceful

Become a NLP Practitioner

Improve your current leadership ability by integrating NLP skills

NLP Training Designed For You

Quality learning and high personal attention are important to us, so we favour small, select training groups.

NLP is a practical discipline, so our courses combine theory, practice and application to your personal areas of interest

This means that you can begin integrating NLP into your everyday life while you're still at the training.

The foundation skills are presented in our 7 day licensed NLP Practitioner training. During this intensive, life-changing course, you will learn, practice the skills and experience the benefits for yourself.

"The best course I have done in 20 years of people management" - M. Mills

We believe in the principle of simplicity, so we use straightforward ideas to compress learning into a series of key experiences. And despite this apparent simplicity, nothing is left out.

We focus all of our time and energy on working with you in person. We prefer to work with you as an individual, so there is no pre-course work and no homework. Our trainings have been designed specifically to dispense with this extra work.

We do, however, continue to support your learning through a series of unique post-qualification training exercises. These courses help you internalise all you have learned and develop it long after the classroom learning has finished.

Our NLP training is practical, so our assessment of your capability will be based on our observation of what you can do. There is no written exam, no coursework and no 'make or break' practical exam either. We assess your skills continually, and continually help you to achieve the high standards set by our past students.

"Very different style of training, structurally, to what I’m used to. It really, really worked for me. The whole experience has been powerful, exciting, fascinating and enlightening.”
- M. Metcalf, More2Make Learning & Development

On our NLP training courses, we focus on teaching you NLP. There are no 'add-ons' and no distractions from the learning. When you train with us, you will not be asked to walk over hot coals or break wooden boards - instead, you will spend your time learning NLP in its purest and most useful form.

We teach specific applications of NLP and psychology in separate courses.

The certificates earned on our NLP certification courses are issued by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (SNLP), which is the oldest and largest NLP-certifying body in the world. Our certificates are also accepted by the Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ANLP) - the UK's main professional NLP organisation.

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Designer Business NLP

In addition to our public courses, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner trainings tailored to your individual requirements are also available in-house, at your premises by special arrangement.

If you would like to arrange an NLP Practitioner or NLP Master Practitioner training for a group within your company, please contact us regarding your needs and we will be happy to work with you toward the best solution.

If you would prefer a NLP-based day training focused on a specific area of excellence, please click through the link below for further information.

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What people are saying about our courses:

Licensed NLP Practitioner:

"When you are looking to develop any skills, you look for the best teacher. There are many courses available to learn NLP and I investigated many possible avenues before finding resourceful change.

Phil Callaghan delivers a beautifully complex course in manageable chunks, nothing is left to belief, everything is tested. I saw Phobias removed in ten minutes, bad past experiences and memories become accessible in a way that learning can be acquired without the horrible feelings attached to them. Pain removed from the body and so much more.

At no point did I feel bombarded with information and for someone who has a terrible attention span, he held my focus for the whole week in an environment ideal for learning. I am looking to develop my skills as a healer, but since completing the course feel it will benefit everything I touch, see and feel.

I cannot recommend the course strongly enough, it is for those who recognise they want to be better at everything and anything and are willing to take plunge and remove their limitations...themselves. Thank you."

- Tim Jeavons

"I would definitely recommend this training as it not only provides a way of identifying the types of people you are dealing with and their beliefs, but explores your own preferences and belief system. This is the basis for understanding and then changing/improving as required. I have learned lots of useful tools which I plan to practice and perfect for the benefit of myself and others. Practicing the tools as we go along is invaluable."

- Christine Hammond, Business Continuity Manager, RWENPower, Leeds

"I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned over the week. I’ll be using it in my training courses and in planning and doing my sales and marketing. I’ll also use it to improve other aspects of my life and friends’ and family’s."

- Natasha Goggin, Managing Director, NXG Development Ltd

Licensed NLP Master Practitioner:

"“Wow!!Nine challenging days with superb training. It’s intense, it’s rewarding, it’s sometimes unbelievable, but most of all it’s fun. If you have completed the Practitioner course… this course is a must.

I have achieved more in nine days during this course than I have achieved in the last nine years.

Thank you Phil and Susanna…. Exceptional!"

- Michael Cummings, NLP Master Practitioner & Coach

"The value to me, was to take very rough skills and ideas and develop them to a level of mastery in a very intense manner. This has the benefit of raising confidence and meeting my own “convincer” criteria.

An essential part of the training is the effective training, and the strong contribution of the other participants - both aspects were exceptional !!!"

- R Walsh

Licensed NLP Coach:

"Although I have trained coaching & coached others over a number of years, I now realise that I have used a narrow process in the past. The course has given me a far greater range of skills and tools that will enable me to become a much more effective coach and use my NLP skills to excellent effect as part of the coaching process."

- Janette Poole, Sixth Sense Training & Coaching, York.

"This has allowed me to take my NLP skills and understand how to relate them to coaching individuals. The models for coaching are clear along with how to integrate NLP with them."

- Des Lawson, HR Director, Paramount Group of Hotels

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